Fear the Walking Dead Austin Filming Locations Season 4
May 26, 2018 |
By Dani Dudek
Fear the Walking Dead

The AMC television series Fear the Walking Dead continues to shoot in Austin, Texas.

The first half of season four is set to conclude in June, after airing just eight episodes. However, the series will return later in the year, airing the remaining eight episodes of the season.

In late May, the Brackenridge Hospital served as the backdrop for upcoming scenes. Cars appeared to be abandoned outside the dilapidated building, which is no longer in use.

At multiple times throughout the shoot, herd of walkers were spotted on site as well as what looked like one of the characters struggling to fight off an attacker on the roof of a nearby parking garage. You can see more pictures and videos on the string of comments on our Facebook post here.

The hospital isn’t the only Central Texas location that’s been utilized on the series.

The Dell Diamond serves as the home base for the gang throughout the first half of the season, though it is simply called “The Diamond.”

Other filming locations that were made public in records from 2017 include:

  • Southeast Austin at Shady Cedar Drive and Onion Creek Drive
  • S. Pleasant Valley Road between Springville Lane and William Cannon
  • Williamson County near Thrall and Taylor roads

According to Jenna Elfman and Garret Dillahunt’s Instagram posts, they also shot down near Lockhart. A tipster tells us that was where the bridge scenes were shot.

While in Lockhart, Elfman told Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead that Dillahunt took her to the Texas Hatters for some legit cowboy gear.

While the cabin they hole up in is on the Colorado River in Austin, we know that the general store where the pair go to stock up on supplies is actually the Lytton Springs General Store, located in Dale, Texas.

One of the first scenes of the season features Alicia and Victor looting stores on a street in downtown Bartlett, Texas.

Fear the Walking Dead

And that “abandoned” water park where Alicia and Naomie encounter dozens of zombies water logged zombies is actually Volente Beach on Lake Travis. VB posted this when the episode aired.

According to a comment from a reader, they also filmed off of Cottletown Road in the Smithville/ Paige area earlier this spring.

Be sure to check out the @ATXgossip IG account featured story for more highlights of Austin locales and mentions from the cast throughout the season.

Here are additional pictures of the Brackenridge scene found on IG.





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