Eva Longoria Is Moving Back to Texas
June 12, 2023 |
By Dani Dudek
Eva Longoria on the Kelly Clarkson Show

San Antonio native Eva Longoria is moving back to Texas! While appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show on June 8, 2023, Longoria and Clarkson chatted about both being from Texas, their love of Tex Mex, queso and walkable cities in TX.

After both proclaiming that they miss the Tex Mex, Longoria announced that she’s moving home, back to San Antonio.

Clarkson went on to say she loves San Antonio. “It’s an easy city to walk around,” she said, as she turned to the audience. “I don’t see a lot of places in Texas… it’s a driving place. But in San Antonio I feel like I can walk everywhere, like in Austin.”

Longoria replied that the best Tex Mex comes from San Antonio and south. Clarkson pipes in, saying “or in Fort Worth (where she is from), whatever.” She then laughs, recognizing that her statement is a stretch. Longoria replies that she’s a “Texican” so she knows!

While Longoria and her husband currently split their time living in both LA and Mexico City. She mentioned that they will now be splitting their time between Mexico City and San Antonio.

No word on the when the move is happening but if you spot Eva Longoria out and about in Texas, let us know.

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