Elijah Wood Talks Fantastic Fest and Fighting Daniel Radcliffe on Conan
June 19, 2014 |
By Dani Dudek
Elijah Wood on Conan

While appearing on Conan, Elijah Wood was asked about a picture of the actor in a dunk tank at Austin’s Fantastic Fest.

Wood explained what the one-of-a-kind festival is like, detailing how the Fantastic Debates works and how he almost ended up fighting Daniel Radcliffe. Watch the full clip here:

Later in the show, he tells a story about how he got a free tattoo at a Fantastic Fest party.

Yours truly has gotten free tattoos at Austin festival parties as well.

My finger moustache and the Texas on my wrist were both inked at an ACL party while the stache was later touched up at a SXSW party.

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