Austin Harry Potter House Not Returning For Halloween
September 20, 2022 |
By Contributor
Harry Potter House

The wizarding world of Harry Potter will return to south Austin, but it will not be on display for Halloween. The Yule Ball will be back though! Look for it to pop up by Thanksgiving.

According to KXAN, the homeowners opted to skip Halloween this year so they could time with their son this summer before he went off to college.

We never miss the Harry Potter House! And though only the Yule Ball will be on display, we look forward to seeing new additions in 2022.

Here are some pictures of the Yule Ball decor in 2020 and 2021.

Better yet, here’s a video so you can really see what it’s like – and why it’s worth a visit!

The house is located in the Circle C neighborhood just off West Slaughter Lane, near the intersection with Bungalow Lane.

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