Austin Blogger and Podcaster Publishes Quirky New Book
October 25, 2021 |
By Dani Dudek
joey held
There’s a new author on the Austin scene! ATX based writer and podcaster Joey Held’s debut book Kind, But Kind of Weird: Short Stories on Life’s Relationships is now available.
The collection dissects the gamut of people (and animals) we encounter — the awkward and the offbeat, the coworkers and the cohabitants, the people waiting in the longest bathroom line at parties, and the passive-aggressive passersby.
“I’ve always been fascinated by the interactions we have with others in our lives,” Held told ATXgossip. “Maybe it’s someone close to us, like a family member or dog, or it could be someone we’ll see once, and then they’re out of the picture forever. Those experiences shape us in one way or another, and this collection highlights those relationships, quirks and all.”
To celebrate the launch, Joey hosted an event where some fellow Austin influencers shared their love for this project.
A second event is happening on Thursday, October 28 at Smokin Beauty in North Austin. You can RSVP to attend here.
Follow Joey on Instagram for more on his exciting new release and contact him there about purchasing your very own copy!

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