ATXgossip Film Review! Moonfall: Cratering the Apocalypse Genre Like Never Before
February 3, 2022 |
By Dani Dudek

Roland Emmerich is back at it with another big budget disaster movie to add to his catalog. And this time the disaster comes from the moon.

As someone who enjoys his best work (Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow) and his “so bad they’re good” films (think 2012, Godzilla), I was hoping to come out of the theater enjoying another one, no matter the quality. The cast includes big names like Halle Berry, John Bradley, Michael Peña and Patrick Wilson, and an even bigger budget! Estimated at over $140 million, it’s officially one of the largest independent films of all time. Surely one can expect, at the very least, another entertaining entry in Emmerich’s apocalyptic filmography. Wrong.

Moonfall feels more of a shadow of better disaster films we have seen before.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have its charm. The humor is the highlight and it comes from two places: John Bradley’s conspiracy character (who is an absolute delight) and the incredibly weird statements the other characters deliver.

Berry and Wilson do their best with what they are given and it’s commendable as the lines would be equally suited to a sci-fi original movie. There are also numerous side characters who aren’t really given an opportunity to shine. The clearest example is Michael Peña who shows up in act one but then disappears and doesn’t return until act three.

The story could use more support as the final film feels unbalanced. A ton of information is dropped into the third act that could overload many audience members. The plot is filled with references to Emmerich’s previous films. However, this unfortunately reminds us of his better work and sequences that involve more tension and grit.

Lastly, the effects are a mixed bag. While some more spoiler-ish shots look fine, sequences of city destruction appear as if they are missing the finishing touches with low texture models front and center.

Overall Moonfall has some good concepts in the story but they come far too late to make an impact. This could have been a major hit. Instead it feels like a retread of what has come before.

If you’re looking for an incredibly dumb disaster movie with little logic behind it and no substance to the material, you won’t find anything better than this apocalyptic nightmare.

Rating: 2/5

This review is contributed by ATXgossip pals Allison Moujaes and Trey Trieschock.

Featured photo: Reiner Bajo for Lionsgate.

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